HbO   Therapeutics collaborates with institutions and key opinion leaders around the world. They include but are not limited to, specialists in transfusion medicine, cardiology, trauma surgery, hematology/oncology, and transplantation. The following institutions are among those represented.... 


Yale University

university of groningen.png

The University of Goningen

University of Birmingham.jpg

The University of Birmingham

UM Medicine.png

Michigan Medicine: The University of Michigan


UF Health: The University of Florida

New Mexico.png

The University of New Mexico

Cleveland Clinic.jpg

The Cleveland Clinic


Massachusetts    General Hospital

department of defense.png

US Department of Defense

Englewood Health.png

Englewood Health

Wake Forest University

Duke Health.png

Duke Health: Duke University


The University of Illinois at Chicago

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Medical Col of Wisc.png

The Medical College of Wisconsin

Spanish Nat. Center for Cardiovascular


Wash Univ of Saint Louis.png

Washington University in Saint Louis

Jackson Health.png

Jackson Health System

MD And Center.jpg

MD Anderson Cancer Center

M Health Fairview: The University of Minnesota

Johns Hopkins Medicine.png

Johns Hopkins Medicine: The Johns Hopkins University