Oxyglobin solution for infusion [hemoglobin glutamer - 200 (bovine)] is the first and only oxygen therapeutic to receive approvals from both the US FDA and the European Commission, for veterinary use. The product is indicated for the treatment of all-cause canine anemia, a potentially life-threatening condition that affects millions of dogs globally each year. Oxyglobin was introduced to US veterinarians in 1998, and to Europe in 1999.

Like their human counterparts, the hemoglobin in canine red blood cells (RBCs) transports oxygen throughout a dog's body. Any reduction in the number of circulating RBCs results in a state of  anemia. This could be caused by the body destroying its own RBCs, active bleeding from a traumatic injury and loss of blood volume, or the body's inability to produce new RBCs. Other than a blood transfusion, Oxyglobin is the only approved treatment that provides immediate relief from the clinical signs of canine anemia. Oxyglobin does not cure a disease state. It provides temporary metabolic support to a patient  undergoing treatment for the underlying disease. Key characteristics are as follows:


  • Sterile solution provided in a flexible infusion bag for immediate dosing - no reconstitution

  • Intravenous administration through a standard infusion set (no filters)

  • Room temperature stable for at least three years

  • Universal compatibility -  no type  and crossmatch required

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Current Status

Oxyglobin is not currently available, due to the ongoing construction of a facility expansion  (updated December 2020)