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HbO2 Therapeutics is a leader in the development of human and veterinary hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers (HBOCs), therapies that when intravenously administered,  increase the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood.  The Company has two core products: Hemopure® (HBOC-201) [hemoglobin glutamer - 250 (bovine), and Oxyglobin® [hemoglobin glutamer - 200 (bovine)] for human and veterinary use, respectively.

In 2001,  Hemopure was approved in South Africa for the treatment of adult surgical patients who are acutely anemic, for the purpose of eliminating, delaying,  or reducing the need for allogeneic red blood cells. In 2010, Hemopure was also approved in the Russian Federation for the treatment of acute, all-cause anemia.

Hemopure is an investigational new drug that is not approved by the FDA as being safe or effective for any use in humans, and therefore only available through a clinical trial, or expanded access (sometimes called compassionate use). In recent years, Hemopure has been used extensively across the US under the FDA’s Expanded Access Program (EAP), to treat patients with severe, life-threatening anemia for whom blood transfusion is indicated, but not an option, and who have exhausted all other treatment options.  Reasons for not being transfused could include unavailability of compatible blood, conditions when blood transfusions are contraindicated, and patient refusal due to religious beliefs.

Oxyglobin is a veterinary therapy that has been approved in both the US and Europe for more than 20 years. The product is indicated to treat the clinical signs and symptoms of canine anemia by increasing plasma and total hemoglobin concentrations, thereby increasing arterial oxygen content. The first product of its kind to ever be approved in veterinary medicine. More than 240,000 units have been sold to date, and approximately 30 species treated off label. Our two products represent a body of knowledge resulting from more than 25 years of R&D, 22 clinical trials, and 250+ preclinical studies. Today, through innovative research and scientific collaboration, we strive to further their development and commercialization, in potential new applications where there exists a previously unmet medical need.


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