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Case Reports, Reviews and Editorials

HBOC-201: History, Clinical Trials, and Path Forward.

Resuscitation of an exsanguinated obstetrics patient with HBOC-201: A case report.

Hemoglobin-glutamer 250 (Bovine)[HBOC-201, Hemopure®] Clinical Use in South Africa and Comprehensive Review of Cardiac Outcomes and Risk/Benefit in Peer-Reviewed, Indexed Studies in Humans and Animal Models.

When Every Drop of Blood Matters: HBOC 201 and Unconventional Ventilator Strategies to Tide Over Hemolytic Crisis

Therapie einer extremen Anämie mit vernetztem Rinderhämoglobin : Fallbericht mit Literaturüberblick [Treatment of extreme anemia with polymerized bovine hemoglobin : Case report and review of the literature].

Hemopure, HBOC-201, for Life Threatening Anemia in a Jehovah's Witness.

A case study of 10 patients administered HBOC-201 in high doses over a prolonged period: outcomes during severe anemia when transfusion is not an option

The need for an artificial oxygen carrier for disasters and pandemics, including COVID-19.

Management of thymoma-associated pure red cell aplasia: A novel use of blood substitute HBOC-201 in a Jehovah's Witness

Successful management of the potentially fatal hyperhaemolysis syndrome of sickle cell anaemia with a regimen including bortezomib and Hemopure

Users guide to pitfalls and lessons learned about HBOC-201 during clinical trials, expanded access, and clinical use in 1,701 patients

Reassessment of the need for an oxygen carrier for the treatment of traumatic hemorrhage when blood is not an option

Pharmacotherapy in Acutely Anemic Jehovah's Witnesses: An Evidence-Based Review

Use of a Hemoglobin Substitute (HBOC-201) to Treat Acute Anemia in a Leukemic Patient with Anti-Vel Antibodies

Oxygen delivery during severe anemia when blood transfusion is refused on religious grounds

Use of hemoglobin based oxygen carrier HBOC-021 (Hemopure) as a bridge during emergencies in patients unable to receive blood products: experience at a tertiary care center.

Use of the blood substitute HBOC-201 in critically ill patients during sickle crisis: a three-case series

Treatment of individuals who cannot receive blood products for religious or other reasons

Hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier rescues double-transplant patient from life-threatening anemia

Hemoglobin glutamer-250 (bovine) in South Africa: consensus usage guidelines from clinician experts who have treated patients

Difficult to swallow: warm autoimmune hemolytic anemia in a Jehovah's Witness treated with hemoglobin concentrate complicated by achalasia

Haemoglobin-based oxygen carriers: indications and future applications

Experience with the use of Hemopure in the care of a massively burned adult

Bovine hemoglobin: a nontraditional approach to the management of acute anemia in a Jehovah's Witness patient with autoimmune hemolytic anemia

HBOC-201 use in traumatic brain injury: case report and review of literature

Management of acute anemia in a Jehovah's Witness patient with acute lymphoblastic leukemia with polymerized bovine hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier: a case report

When blood is not an option: factors affecting survival after the use of a hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier in 54 patients with life-threatening anemia

Hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers: compassionate use and compassionate clinical trials

The use of Hemopure® at Groote Schuur hospital, Cape Town: 4 case studies

Management of hemorrhagic shock when blood is not an option

Bovine blood and neuromuscular paralysis as a bridge to recovery in a patent with severe autoimmune hemolytic anemia

Hemopure transfusion in a child with severe anemia

Resuscitation with a hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier after traumatic brain injury

Long-term transfusion of polymerized bovine hemoglobin in a Jehovah's Witness following chemotherapy for myeloid leukemia: a case report

Severe anemia after gastrointestinal hemorrhage in a Jehovah's Witness: new treatment strategies

Transfusions of polymerized bovine hemoglobin in a patient with severe autoimmune hemolytic anemia

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