HbO2 therapeutics is a leading developer of hemoglobin based solutions that, when administered intravenously, increase the oxygen carrying capacity of blood, thereby providing a potentially critical life-link when blood is not available

Using proprietary technology, the Company has developed two hemoglobin-based products:  Hemopure® (Hemoglobin Glutamer 250) for human application and Oxyglobin® (Hemoglobin Glutamer 200) for veterinary application. 

Both Hemopure® and Oxyglobin® are room temperature stable, universally compatible, and specifically formulated for different applications such as organ preservation in transplantation, transfusion when blood is not an option, etc.

The founders and senior management team of Hemoglobin Oxygen Therapeutics LLC have significant experience in the pharmaceutical industry including more than 150 years experience in the development and manufacture of hemoglobin solutions.

The Company’s research and development laboratories and state-of-the-art bioprocessing facility are located 35 miles north of Philadelphia in Souderton, PA.


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