HbO2 Therapeutics' research strategy focuses on the development of our products as an oxygen bridge solution or treatment to help stabilize patients and prevent tissue damage or organ dysfunction associated with oxygen deprivation. The pre-clinical and clinical research has shown our products may be beneficial due to its rapid release of oxygen and small molecular size in ischemic conditions where there is a shortage of oxygen due to decrease or lack of red blood cell flow to an organ or area of the body due to obstructed or constricted blood vessels. The Company is currently assessing the products' safety and feasibility in such conditions. 

Victims of trauma may have massive bleeding resulting in rapid loss of blood volume and oxygen-carrying capacity. Patient blood typing and blood handling requirements, particularly refrigeration, limit the feasibility of using red blood cell transfusions in pre-hospital emergency treatment. To stabilize blood pressure in these patients, emergency caregivers administer intravenous fluids, such as Lactated Ringer's Solution or saline. Both of which restore blood volume, but do not restore oxygen-carrying capacity. Our products’ oxygen-carrying capacity may provide time for the patient to be transported successfully to where blood and better care is available. 

Organs for transplant are harvested and maintained chilled without any oxygen supply, leading to organ ischemia. Perfusion with our product, used for its oxygen-carrying ability, may eliminate or reduce organ ischemia, maintaining a viable organ for improved patient outcomes and allowing for a greater window of time to get a healthier organ to the recipient.

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