Oxygen deprivation can result in cell damage, organ dysfunction and, if prolonged, death. The purpose of intravenous oxygen-delivery support is to help stabilize the patient and prevent tissue damage or organ dysfunction associated with oxygen deprivation.

When our products are infused into the bloodstream, the chemically stabilized hemoglobin molecules carry oxygen in the plasma (the fluid part of blood) and can also facilitate the release of oxygen from remaining red blood cells (RBC), thereby increasing diffusion of oxygen to tissues. If necessary, this effect can be extended over time by repeat dosing to provide a continuous oxygen bridge until the patients receive other appropriate therapy.

Hemoglobin, the native protein responsible for transporting oxygen is normally contained within circulating RBCs. However, our products consist of hemoglobin that has been extracted from the RBCs of cattle and then purified, chemically cross-linked for stability and formulated in a balanced salt solution similar to Lactated Ringer's Solution. 

On a gram-for-gram basis, stabilized hemoglobin molecules in our products hold the same amount of oxygen as the hemoglobin molecules in RBCs, but with a higher P50 (40 mM Hg), they release the oxygen more readily. In addition, data from preclinical studies suggest that introducing our products into the bloodstream may help RBCs offload more oxygen to the tissues than they would otherwise.







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